The Future

State of the art software that allows you to see the muscles you are
working in real time and tracks your progress and goals. On-demand,
live-streaming trainer-led multi-directional treadmill classes . Classes that are personal trainer based and group fitness environment.  We offer a month subscription that gives you unlimited access to all our unique classes. 


The patented K-Mill 360 was based on the traditional treadmill design, but that is where the similarities end. The concept was birthed initially through a training regime that utilized multi-directional movements at a slow to moderate pace on the traditional treadmill. Quickly seeing the cardiovascular benefits of the training design, but realizing the safety limitations, K-Mill 360 approached the design from an entirely new perspective. One that could provide stimulus for improving post-surgical knee joint rehabilitation, muscle strains of the hip, groin, hamstring and lower back, as well as lower extremity injuries such as sprained ankles, Achilles tears and shin splints. While one of the greatest design pulls for the K-Mill 360 focused on injury prevention and repair, additional benefits for healthy market segments seeking to counter monotonous workouts, a lack of cross training, plateaus, and increased weight loss are also targeted.

Initial Sketches

Copic Drawing

3D Render