Let's Get Technical

I was so impressed with how many calories I burn in short period of time and at a decreased speed.  An added benefit is I can actually feel my hamstrings and inner thighs working when on K-Mill 360.
– Tracy G.

Read More About the Science of it

The K-Mill 360 is designed to permit a four-dimensional or 360 degree movement of the lower body. This is achieved by a proprietary multi-direction rotational mechanism. The user simply turns the treadmill in any direction – forward, right side, left side and backward. Users are not only working their quadriceps as their primary muscle group, but can also isolate and target the inner and outer thigh, hips, hamstrings and gluteus muscles. An additional benefit for the user is that by working in four directions the user integrates balance, core stability with cardiovascular training to improve dynamic balance, agility, coordination and stabilization. The K-Mill 360 places muscles in constant interaction with gravity and acceleration several times in every second. K-Mill 360 challenges the body to adapt to these changing stimuli which in turn aides in a more effective achievement of fitness targets in a fraction of the time as compared to other fitness equipment.  According to the independent study A Comparison of The Omni-directional Treadmill Protocol versus Conventional Treadmill Walking performed by Dr. Galiber and Dr. Wolkodoff, "subjects utilized far more energy in the omni-directional protocol per unit of weight (up to three times as much), even at speeds considered not normally evoking a meaningful metabolic response demonstrating this protocol and equipment can be a significant form of energy system exercise for a broad range of fitness levels.  Furthermore, it has been surmised that increased psychological engagement in exercise will result in an overall increase in regular exercise!