“The patented K-Mill 360 averaged 57% higher energy
expenditure per minute than conventional walking at the
same speed. This is most likely due to the fact that
subjects have to use muscles that are not as efficient when moving sideways or backwards, and hence the higher energy expenditure."

-Dr. Neil Wolkodoff

"I am a former soccer player that has torn their ACL twice.
I honestly did not have any hope for a full recovery. However, time
spent working with Kendall and Amanda on the K-Mill has shown me
some of my “problem” areas."

"I have not only made a full recovery; I’ve also gained strength and awareness."

-Felicia F.


"The K-Mill is unlike any other treadmill because it gives you the ability to add athletic movements to your otherwise one-dimensional cardio workout. Also, with 360 degree rotation it gives your mind a challenge as you progress through your workout."

"By far the most innovative treadmill out there."

-Alex S.


"As an older man (late 70’s) I try to stay active and have
worked out with Kendall for years. The K-Mill is just a small
part of my routine, but it is an amazing exercise workout using
different muscles as the direction changes."

"It also helps with balance and stamina."

-Jack E.


"The K-Mill is great because it goes above and beyond
a regular treadmill."

"You work muscles you do not realize that you haven’t been using."

-Ashley S.


What About Other Treadmills?

The K-Mill 360 enables you to improve balance and stability through multi-directional training. Unlike the repetitive movement of regular treadmills, the K-Mill 360 enables you to practice a full range of motion never before possible on a treadmill. From running backwards, side to side, to diagonally in any direction, you target muscle groups more efficiently, improve proprioception, and enhance agility. All of this will result in you achieving a better quality of life.

K-Mill 360

The rotating platform allows you to work more muscle groups, bringing you a well rounded exercise routine.